Vancouver No. 5
That's David there, at the Taylor Meadows campground on the Garibaldi Lake trail near Whistler, at the end of July, for pete's sake. (Click on that and get another view of the alleged campground.) This is a time of year when you can usually hike from the top of the Whistler Express lift, thousands of feet above. They were still skiing. Out of six tries, we hit one good hike. I wouldn't be going on about this except that, as you know if you've talked to David lately, hiking has become a centerpiece of our recreational life. So the snow kind of colored the trip. Yes, white.

So. Forgetting for the moment the snow, and the bugs, and that phony baloney "wine bar" in Whistler, and the fact that the river otters have been moved inside the aquarium (I'm assuming) where you have to pay to see them, what are the things we'll remember about Vancouver '99?

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