Internet Rising: 1993-2003
By the middle of 1993, it was clear that online technology was going to be a great and disruptive force reshaping both the newsroom and the world beyond it. The Mercury News was the first paper to regularly publish a complete electronic daily edition, first on America Online and then, as Mercury Center, on the nascent World Wide Web. My own coverage of the digital world began in August of '93 with a profile of a San Francisco husband-and-wife publishing team that had just launched a new magazine called Wired.

In the ten years to follow, I would keep pushing a broader view of the Internet and tech culture. Let others worry about the minutiae of widgets, feeds and speeds. I was more interested in writing about how the Net was changing the way we live. Once again, on the big projects I was fortunate to have one of the best editors in the business -- George Judson.

Macworld Expo, Jan. 12, 1994
Yahoo, March 31, 1995
The Language of the Net, July 7, 1996
A Net loss for the Census Bureau, June 17 and 21, 1998
Journey to the Center of the Net, Nov. 29, 1998
The corporate campus, Aug. 8, 1999
Wiring the West: Dillon, Mont., Oct. 29, 2000
Wiring the West: La Grande, Ore., Oct. 30, 2000
Wiring the West: Maddock, N.D., Oct. 31, 2000
Growing Up Wired, May 18, 2003

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