What the FISH mean
AfterDark's Fish! screen saver can be a reliable indicator of what to expect of your day. When you start up Mac first thing in the morning, either let the fish come on by themselves or launch them from the sleep corner. (You may relaunch only if they have no plants. Otherwise, you must stick with the first influx of fish.) When the fish swim in, observe them. Who is present? Who is absent? Who is tardy without an excuse? Then match the fish to the haiku below for clues to your upcoming day.

French Angelfish
Placid to extremes
Gray fish with gray demeanor
Nothing rocks his boat

Blue puller
A hard-workin fish
Happy in his jeans and boots
Give him a slurpee

Pennant coralfish
Mild at the office
After hours she wears a cape
And crusades for art

Forceps fish
Mousse your hair up high
Dance and shmooze and rum and coke
In the neon bar

Imperial angelfish
Play well with others?
I could try; sometimes I want
But I'm swimming deep

Time enough to sweat
So while we can we laugh loud
And spin Ramones tunes

Tropical fish
Oh they'll be sorry
Looks so harmless but inside
He's going postal

Red fish
Woo-ha! Where to next?
Grab your beer, grab your weapon
Let's go out and play

Give me some space, pal
And don't be yanking my chain
We'll get along fine

Get loose, get happy
The ride is always better
With no steering wheel

Suuu! What did you do?
You know seahorses scare me
Get him off the screen