Garnet Lake

Overall, calling this a vacation doesn't quite do it. This was an unforgettable journey, one that David, who's always had a great affinity for the East Sierra, considered to be something of a pilgrimage. If the very best travel experiences are the ones that leave you equally exhausted and pining for more, this was one of the best.

David returned home and immediately began scheming two more John Muir trips for 2001 -- a summer solstice one-day sprint from Tuolumne Meadows to Happy Isles to complete the northern half, and a long, 10-day trek from Lake Edison to Onion Valley, which will essentially be the southern half of the JMT minus the oversubscribed Whitney region at the far south. It was probably the most physical trip we've ever shared. Although we may have worked harder individually on other journeys, we cannot remember giving this much for seven solid days.

North of Donohue Pass
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